Why Interoceptive Yoga Matters?

Interoception is the sense of our internal bodily states. It underlies our ability to know what’s going on inside our body. Interoception which is also called “our extra sense”. It is unlike our other senses -hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste. But possible more important. Find out about Interoceptive Yoga and how it could benefit you.

What is Dharma?

There is no single word for dharma in English. A few authors have attempted to translate dharma and have come up with over 20 different translations including"law, order, duty, custom, nature, practice, purpose, quality, statute". Yet this is not really it. This article explains Dharma simply and completely.

Preparing for Your Yoga Workshop

  Gently Flow into a Yogic Lifestyle Your Yoga workshop or retreat is a week away. No matter how ‘Yogic’ your lifestyle already is, gently flowing into a healthier one is always recommended. ‘Gently flowing’ means taking it one step at the time. At each step, you leave out an unhealthy habit and replace it…

I-YOGA – What is it?

Interoception is our "hidden sense". It is the ability to sense our internal physiological processes. The problem is that although all humans have the hardware to support this ability, many of us don’t know how to use it. I-Yoga teaches your how to use this sense.