In discovering the self, you discover the earth.

There was a time when the earth was an unformulated mass whose particles were scattered far apart through the expanding forces of heat. The earth had not attained her definiteness of form, nor her beauty, nor purpose, for she was controlled by heat and motion. 

Gradually the earths vapours condensed into visible matter through a force that worked to bring all scattered particles under a unified centre. It was only at this point that the earth was able to occupy her proper position in the solar system.

It is the same with every human being. When the heat and motion of blind impulses and passions distract one from multiple sides – one cannot truly Be.

But when we discover our centre – our true self – we overcome the warring elements of unchecked desires and find our inner harmony. Only then do our isolated impressions emerge into wisdom, our momentary impulses find their completion in love and the petty details of our life begin to reveal an infinite purpose.

At this point all our thoughts and deeds unite in an internal harmony. This internal harmony may be described at infinite bliss – Sat-Chit-Ananda.

True Eternal Bliss

Dr Nitasha Buldeo is an Integrated Medical Practitioner, Entrepreneur, Scientist and Yogi. She created  I-Yoga & Organic Apoteke and is Director of the Centre for Exceptional Human Performance. She researches human potential and delivers programs that encourage you to live exceptionally. Nitasha believes that every one of us is striving to be the best we can. Her passion is bringing you programs that enable you to unlock your personal genius.

Nitasha’s yoga training began in childhood and she has been trekking into the Himalayan peaks to meet her teachers and to teach for over 25 years. Her wisdom on traditional yoga and meditation practices is immense. Her personal practice is one of dedication, perseverance and humility.

She is a Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals and leads Yoga training and retreats globally.

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